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Paperbag is

  • When it is made with quality

  • When it is made with love

  • When it is made for branding


How we produce it?

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    with unique design

    Professional production requires a high standard of machines. We keep an eye on international trends as we are eager to try new materials and methods.

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    Supergreen production
    and no more waste

    Mindful planning is rewarding. Paper from responsible sources can be used without waste with a careful design.

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    25 years of experience,
    all in one place

    More than 25 years of experience, professional knowledge and heritage help us to design, print and do the finishing process under the same roof.

Main segments

  • Promotional gifts, Exhibitions

    Every third person remembers a premium paper bag. Is your Paperbaggie among these? Branded paper bag is crucial when you present a promotional gift, containing either a bottle of spirit or something personal. It could be a useful part of branding at exhibitions or conferences. The right quality of your own paper bag is as important as your business card.

    Food & Beverages

    Can you imagine a truly tempting and very special treat presented in a cheap, lowly packaging?

    Of course not. When we talk about food we expect a complete experience, which combines a satisfying outlook beside the taste.

    Institutes, councils

    Are you very conscious of the branding of your own institute or municipality? Do you believe in the visual communication expressed toward your partners, colleagues or fellow citizens? Even in case of a paper bag? An appropriate, high quality and elegant paper bag can worthily represent your municipality or institute.

    Wineries, beverages

    Usually, the first question is whether it will be able to carry the weight of a bottle. We guarantee that a paper bag made from well-chosen material, right bottom reinforcement can bear even three bottles.

    Fashion, jewellery

    According to a survey, 50% of the customers are curious about the content of others' shopping bags. Especially when the bag represents a quality brand. Fashion and jewellery are the fields where the material, design, outlook, surface finishing or graphic design can express the main characteristics of the brand.


    A special treat, delicate taste, quality, style - these are what confection means to us. Either classical or new harmony of tastes, quality and a premium feeling comes first. A special quality brand can be emphasized by a strong, premium paper bag. We shouldn't miss the opportunity to present chocolate in its own branded paper bag.

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They have chosen us

They were bored by dull paper bags

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Let's get started!

  • Let's step out of dullness! Have a chic paper bag! Would you like to have a more recognizable brand? What are you waiting for? Come on, we help you!

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  • The main guideline of Herend Porcelain is the achievable best quality. So we can present our product to our customers only in paper bags following the highest standards. Main requirements are quality and affordable prices. As we manufacture Hungarian specialities we are keen to work with Hungarian companies. Paperbaggie qualifies to the above-mentioned aspects for more than 10 years.

    Róbert Izsó

    Purchasing Manager - Herend Porcelain Manufactory

  • St Andrea Vineyard suggests consumers the goals of their effort from the grape plantations through the winemaking to the packaging. We would like to produce noble, elegant and valuable, original wines. Paperbaggie made paper bags represent similar aspects as we mentioned above. We are glad and happy to use their products to our packaging needs.

    György Lőrincz Dr.

    Winemaker - St. Andrea Vineyards

  • We selected flat handle paper bags for excellent value. The products in our shop do not require very durable paper bags. We can promote our seasonal offers in a versatile method, thanks to the many colour and size options and quick labelling.

    János Erdei

    Business owner

  • We have been working in the field of paper bag production and distribution for decades and started the business with Paperbaggie at almost the same time. We have a good working relationship, trust toward each other and friendship since then. They produce rope handle paper bags, wine bottle paper bags, wine boxes for us. Our connection in business is more than a customer-supplier relationship, it is a genuine partnership, which has the attributes of punctuality, strict deadlines, and the best possible jobs done by our colleagues.

    Andrea Orbán

    Executive, Business owner - Orbán és Társa Kft.

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  • What are we carrying in our Paperbaggie?

    Our motto is: "strong brand, strong bag"

    During the last 25 years, we dispatched millions of Paperbaggies. But we don't send them out to try their luck. We know that companies using rope handle paper bags are more recognizable than their competitors.